Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Step - Why the left foot first?

Author and Date unknown

Where did it originate and what is its meaning? Although the step can hardly be called a mode of recognition, history informs us that there was a peculiar step in the old Egyptian Osiris Initiation which was deemed a sign, over 4000 years ago.

The steps can be traced back as far as at least the middle of the eighteenth century, in the rituals in which they are described. The custom of advancing in a peculiar manner and form, to some sacred place or elevated personage, has been preserved in the customs of all countries, especially among the Orientalists, who resort even to prostrations of the body when approaching the throne of the sovereign or the holy part of a religious edifice. The steps of Freemasonry are symbolic of respect and veneration for the altar, where Masonic light is to emanate.

Symbolically, the step means that a man, who joins Masonry, does thereby take a step forward in his evolution towards perfection and the fact that his identification as a Freemason begins with that step is a constant reminder and acknowledgement of that;

The left foot is advanced because it is nearest to the heart and symbolizes the intention, while the right foot is supposed to represent intellectual faculty. The meaning of the step is therefore obviously that in spiritual matters, intention always takes precedence over mere reasoning processes. The position adopted 'is intended to show that reason must always spring from the centre of right feeling.

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