Saturday, October 25, 2008

Of the Officers of a Subordinate Lodge - Section VII. Of the Stewards.

A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages And Landmarks of Freemasonry
by Dr.Albert Gallatin Mackey, 1856

The Stewards, who are two in number, are appointed by the Junior Warden and sit on the right and left of him in the lodge. Their original duties were, "to assist in the collection of dues and subscriptions, to keep an account of the lodge expenses, to see that the tables are properly furnished at refreshment and that every Brother is suitably provided for." They are also considered as the assistants of the Deacons in the discharge of their duties and, lately, some lodges are beginning to confide to them the important trusts of a standing committee for the examination of visitors and the preparation of candidates.

What has been said in relation to the removal of the Deacons in the preceding section, is equally applicable to the Stewards.

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