Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Searching the Lectern website

As the number of articles increase on the site the need for a way to sort them has become obvious. I have quickly done up a Flash interface that will give you links to articles on the site according to categories.

When you click on a link it will open that article in a new window. This will alow you to keep the list there for you if you want to came back. Please note that you may need to enable POP UP WINDOWS in your web browser if this feature has been turned off.

If you find any errors or bugs please email the Webmaster (me:). If you see nothing below this text then you need to install the Flash plugin.

I currently have last months articles in the database and will get the rest in during the next week. It is still a work in progress with regards to the categories and layout but better than nothing I hope.

You can also of course still use the menu to the left.

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