Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your Masonry and Religion

By Bro "P.Q"
circa 1928

What about these? When I consider questions of religion and its connection with the State, the Craft and the individual, I always feel that I am striving to uncover something of great value which has become covered up, obliterated, or indistinguishable from the dust of ages; and the interminable wrangles of opposing views mostly on things which do not matter, at any rate not now.

Masonry two centuries ago, or a little more , apparently seeking for a religious base upon which to found the qualifications of a Masons for all time, took the common sense view that every Mason should believe in God whom they defined as the Great Architect of the Universe, leaving to the individual the selection of mode of worship for his own practise so that the dust of ages for him was wiped off at a stroke.

It is no use referring to the first B. of C. on this subject, but it will suffice if you use the one now in actual operation. Hence there is no need to argue whether if some other principles had been laid down things would be different.

The right place for Masonry and your religion is for them to be enshrined in your heart, each acting within its own sphere without detriment to the other .

Anyway, if you treat Masonry as a religion in itself, having all the benefits which the truly religious man wants and his soul will cry out for before the end of his earthly career, you have put your Masonry and religion in the wrong place.

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