Sunday, May 31, 2009

Order in the House

note from the Librarian:
During a recent visit to the South Australian Grand Lodge I found it very interesting to see the mention of UGLQ`s R.W.Bro Goding in their magazine.

It has often amazed me that when I speak of the wonderful articles in our magazine written by Bro.Goding, many have never taken the time to read them. It appears he has the attention of some in South Australia with his comments.

Article from the South Australian & Northern Territory Freemason

Autumn Edition 2009
By M.W.Bro Graham Bollenhagen
Grand Master

It was 12 months ago that the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland presented to each of the other Grand Masters a personal copy of a booklet entitled "Order in the House", prepared by his Special Envoy, Greg Coding PAGM. Later in the year in Sydney, Bro Goding was invited to give an overview of his presentation at a meeting of Australasian Grand Masters.

An offer was made for Bro Goding to bring his important address to each of the other Grand Lodges. We accepted this offer and a couple of weeks ago, Bro Goding gave a fluent address to a number of Freemasons in Adelaide. The focus of his message is on the retention of our existing members and how success has been achieved by:

• giving attention to our personal conduct (the need for perfect harmony). Bro Goding stated that "If a Lodge is in trouble, it will be the biggest single problem";

• as well with the implementation of the improvement of other Lodge activities (the business side of our meetings, ritual and festive boards).

His information applies to Freemasonry generally and as we heard Bro Goding's comments and experiences with Queensland Lodges, there was an immediate recognition from our own local experiences.

The messages were blunt. There were some statements that may have even make a few uncomfortable, especially if they were prepared to look in the mirror.

It is planned to record a future presentation by Bro Goding and in the next few months, a team of our brethren will be established and this team will bring Bro Goding's message to Lodges. They will facilitate discussion on the contents and also provide support and advice to Lodges in their endeavours to achieve the objectives of this very important presentation.

We all need to work together to overcome these problems, which have the potential to adversely affect our membership retention programme.

I thank MW Bro Graeme Ewin, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland for affording this opportunity to our Grand Lodge and I particularly thank Bro Greg Goding for forsaking his personal and business obligations to come to Adelaide and share his important message.

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